A glance at the history of Wing Chun

In the seventeenth century, China was occupied by the Manchus, under the reign o fthe Qing Dynasty.
The generals of the army of the previous emperor, the Ming Dynasty, create a secret militia against the occupation, training under the name of Shaolin-contrary to what is commonly accepted, this group had toally different way from the Shaolin temple, except the name. This militia was active in the region of Fujian and Guangdong.

The nun WuMai is a member of the Shaolin. During her travels, she met Yim Wingchun, a young girl who worked and sold tofu paste (fermented soybeans).This work had developed a particular strength in her arms. This is
this characteristic WuMai decided to teach martial arts to Yim Wingchun, eventually she was designated as the “guardian” of the militia who was in charge of killing traitors.

These historical facts explain why the Wing Chun breaks tradition of other Chinese martial arts, contrary to custom, Wing Chun is not transmitted from teacher to student in traditional way we use the term “master” to mean “one who teaches.” Wing Chun is actually a transmission from the” gate keeper”(the guardian) to” elected ” .There weren’t and aren’t any official ceremonies for entering the Wing Chun kyn. Because the ceremonies are forbidden. There is just one or two people can be the “elected” (designated) in every generation, and this rule is still very true today.
The person can be the “elected”, must fully understand the Wing Chun, and have the physical and moral qualities to fulfill its function as guardian.

To find this person, Wing Chun went to the public. Techniques are taught partly to identify the potential people. Once found the right person, the AWD can be done. Filiation

Yip-Man started learning Wing Chun in his infancy with Chan Wah Shun. He met Leung Pik there after, who got the real techniques transmited and designated as successor.
1950. Political change in China made Yip Man fled to Hong Kong. To meet his needs, he taught Wing Chun to the public, but in the manner of Chan Wah Shun style. He kept the real techniques as Leung Pik secret. This is why the teaching Wing Chun in the world today is a fact, but all in Chan Wah Shun’s style which is in wrong form.

General principles of the technique

Wing chun was created to kill.
Unlike other martial arts styles, including movements from experience (always with body against the laws of natural way to gain power), Wing Chun movements are determined by a mathematical angle, 45 degrees, 45 degrees that upon which the balance the human body. The inaccuracy for each movement must be less than 1 cm. We can use both hands and a leg at the same time, but each part of the body moves independently and deploys own strength.

The three forms correspond to three levels of operation.

The first form(xiao-nian-tou)

It is the foundation for the balance of the body:
• fluent in positioning for power ,by
• Following move perfectly during combat
• Manage force
• learn how to view
• understand the decomposition of the 45 ° angle
We need the body upright and stable, fits perfectly the correct position. The brain must be able to control every part of the body freely.
You must know the first form to pass to the second form.

The second form(xun-qiao)
The strength of a man unfolds normally at an angle of 45 ° Wing Chun makes an angle of 90 °:
• Learn to identify and find the right angle 360 °
• learn to move in the right angle
• coordinate its arm with the body during the change of angle
• learn to use both arms and a leg at the same time but independently during the attack

The third form(biao-zhi)
Once the first two forms assimilated the overall functioning of style is included. But during the fighting, both creative style noted an opening, a “neutral.” The third form is used to fill the opening.
The third form also teaches the accuracy of acupuncture points to attack. It refines the movement, especially when fighting very close or tight.

Wooden Dummy
It simulates a fight with a real person. The model allows the implementation of travel taught in three forms.

It originates in the fighting starts. The stick has a certain weight because it has the specific function of counter attacks with a spear.

The a pair knives
They are extensions of the hand. They were sometimes coated with poison. The technique of using knife comprises the composition of the poison, which is why it is not taught. Knives products and techniques taught in the world today are false.

Personal note
This is to preserve the cultural heritage and tradition that I found this information today. I want to respect the original design and exceptional creative Wing Chun, and forward and with authenticity.

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